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Helping healthcare organizations integrate Health Equity into their business strategies.


"Despite billions of dollars of investment in health equity and DEI initiatives healthcare disparities are still a moonshot away.  Our solution puts Equity into ACTION in order to position your company to make money, transform healthcare, and do the right thing.  " - Dr. Deann Butler


My name is Dr. Deann Butler MBA, MHA

I've had enough of the performative.  After 20+ years in healthcare its time to combine research, application, action, and guts to DEI/Health Equity game plan.  Great thing for you that is my speciality!

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What does it look like to put Equity into A.C.T.I.O.N?

Healthcare organizations are swamped with competing priorities.  Instead of adding yet another thing to do our approach is to push EQUITY into the core of your business. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk


Assess for impact over intent. 

Business Plan


Integrate into existing business strategies for quick wins.  

Collaborating at Work

Change & Collaboration

Readiness for change and cross functional collaboration

Student and Teacher at the Computer


Look for opportunities to improve and then scale.

Golden Watch


Short term wins lead to long term solutions

Blood Pressure

Internal & External

Strategy includes internal and external initiatives

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