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Medical Staff

Advancing Health Equity

This eLearning course is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance health equity within their practice settings. Through a series of interactive modules, participants will explore key concepts related to health disparities, social determinants of health, cultural competency, and advocacy. By the end of the course, participants will be empowered to implement strategies to promote equitable healthcare access and outcomes for all patients. Read on to find out what makes our eLearning different. 


Built by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals

We took the time to recruit various voices across healthcare for input on this course.  We included healthcare administrators, nurses, doctors, psychologists, academia, and others.  Then, we enlisted an instructional designer with vast experience building training for healthcare workers. 


Asynchronous & Self Paced

We must balance providing training opportunities to our workforce and meeting member needs. This training allows participants to take it where they are, when they want, and on what device they choose. Just as we meet members where they are, we do the same for our participants. 

Working from Home
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Interactive and Engaging

Let's face it: we've all taken the training where someone is just talking AT us.  This isn't that training.  We utilized evidence-based learning principles to meet various learning styles while keeping you engaged to the very end. 


Commitment to Continued Learning

Our course is infused with cultural humility from beginning to end.  It is available as 5 separate courses or a learning plan.  Recognizing that these are complex topics we prepare participants with foundational knowledge for continued conversations and learning. 

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