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Learning and HR Services

Your healthcare company deserves an engaged workforce.  We help you accomplish this by ensuring your employees are motivated, encouraged, and given opportunities to learn/grown. 


Our learning and development services provide healthcare companies with the following services

  • Culture-Driven Onboarding Plans 

  • Design of Learning Teams and Structure

  • Selection of Learning Management Systems

  • Professional Development

  • Employee Champion Program Implementation

  • Integrating equity into human resources processes and policies

  • Launching employee resource groups

  • Filing EEO-1 Reports

Group Calls

Training and Speaking Engagements

Our consultants provide expert training on the following topics.  These trainings are customizable both virtually and in person.  Additionally, we evaluate four levels of training impact for each training.

  • Utilizing LinkedIn as an Employee Ambassador

  • Intro to Multicultural Competency in Healthcare

  • Crucial Conversations on the Impact of Racism in Healthcare

  • The Historical Context of Racism in Healthcare

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