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My Story


20+ years of experience with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Humana, Cityblock, Eleanor Health, and more. This work experience is reinforced by 🎓background, including a BS and MA in Community Health), MBA, MHA, and a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration.

Yes, I'm that girl. 🤩 with all the letters and the lived experiences. I bring that to the table because it’s what you deserve.

Did you know

📌Inequities in the US health system cost approximately $320 billion today.

📌Even as we build care models for marginalized populations, the leadership of the healthcare organizations is overwhelmingly White.

📌 US companies spend over $8 billion annually on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Yet many can not report impactful results.

Yes, these numbers are dire, BUT for me, these numbers represent real people.  And they are my why. 

Like my father and uncles, whose lack of access to care contributed to early deaths from colon cancer, or the biased doctor who wouldn't listen to my worries, and this contributed to the loss of a baby at 23 weeks.  Or my countless well-educated sistas who end up with a seat at the table only to find out they are alone. 

 My passion for health equity is personal. That is why it is imperative that we identify the challenges healthcare startups have in addressing health equity. 

➡️Insufficient Resources and Data:

Many healthcare organizations that serve marginalized communities need more resources, technology, and data to respond to health equity concerns. 

Our experience allows us to help organizations integrate DEI into existing work and use REaL and SOGI data strategies to achieve results.

➡️Limited Buy-In:

If stakeholders don’t commit to a shared vision of equity programming, they will struggle to attain tangible results. We use collaboration and change management skill sets to build cross-functional buy-in across the organization.

➡️Insufficient Community Engagement:

Healthcare organizations must work more closely with and serve as community partners to achieve health equity. We work with organizations to engage individual patients, engage grassroots organizations and bring community insights to executive and clinical decision-making utilizing my background in community engagement.

I am the POWERHOUSE you need for health equity and DEI initiatives.

If you are a healthcare company looking to jumpstart or revamp your health equity journey, please reach out, and let’s put Equity into ACTION.

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