It's Time For Your Transformation

Discovery Call

A Discovery Call is all about you and your questions.  Nothing is off-limits, as it relates to business.  Prepare your questions in advance and during our call I will do my best to provide you with actionable advice or next steps for your business. 

Business Coaching

Our coaching programs are available to help guide you to your transformation into the next Healthcare Consulting Connect.  We offer two options a 6-hour intensive session and a 12-week group coaching program.  Both options include access to several videos, templates, lists, and referrals to get your healthcare consulting business up and running today. 

Speaking Engagements

Our Senior Consultant, Deann Butler, is available to facilitate training on a variety of topics including health equity, self-care, maintaining professional boundaries, healthcare consulting, transformational leadership, and more.  Additionally, we have the ability to offer all of the following courses in a self-paced eLearning format.  


Our team is highly skilled in helping healthcare organizations create solutions to fill in the gaps in the business organization.  Our specialties include organizational learning, talent management, care management, population health, health equity, and much more.


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