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Women in healthcare, are you finally ready to monetize your expertise and start your healthcare consulting business. This coaching program has all you need to Become the Consulting Connect. 

Group coaching AND Q&As

Guest speakers

Access to all recordings FOREVER

1:1 sessions

Free Resources

2 Pitch Competitions 

You don't want to miss this opportunity.  


PowerUp Your Skills on these Topics

Legitimize Your Business

This program walks you through the steps to make sure you have a solid business foundation

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our 1 year strategy session ensures you are set up for success in your first 12 months of entrepreneurship

Building A Brand

Brand awareness is instrumental to your success.  We ask and answers the questions to build a brand that lasts. 

Perfecting Your Pitch

We prepare you to win clients over with you perfect pitch. 

Basics of Social Media

  This program provides you foundational knowledge in utilizing social media platforms as an accelerant for your business.

Lead Generation

Let's face it we are here to make money.  That means you need to know how to generate leads and turn them into customers

Confident Woman

Accelerate Your Success 
Guest Speakers & Competition

I'm not an expert in all the things so I'm bringing in three experts on mindset, sales psychology, and marketing strategy to catapult your healthcare consulting career.  

If that's not enough.  We've built in a competition and the winner gets a prize perfect for their business.  

About Your Coach

Amplify the Voices of Women and People of Color in Healthcare

In a nutshell, I was the epitome of a corporate ladder climber.  I've worked in nonprofit, corporate, and startups.  I went to school and got three advanced degrees (MA in Community Health, MBA, MHA).  In many people’s opinion, I was successful in my career, but I could shake the feeling of being overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.

In 2020 I made the decision to take a risk and try healthcare consulting full time.  It took off and I quickly scaled to six figures.  It was not without quite a few bumps in the road and mountains to climb.  However,  I finally had the flexibility and freedom I knew I deserved. 

I get to work with healthcare companies every day that value my experience and expertise.  And they have the coins.  I work within my boundaries and I'm helping change healthcare.  

It wasn't enough though because the true mission of my company is to amplify the voices of women and people of color in healthcare.  I made the decision to start helping healthcare professionals realize the same opportunities I have in healthcare consulting.  And from that, Becoming the Consulting Connect was born.


What's It Like to Work With Me

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