Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I think you have heard this saying before. I can hear my mom clear as day say “Deann, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

It’s the point where you are completely over the situation and resign to hopelessness or begin to fight. That’s how I felt earlier in the year. On top of everything going on the world, think pandemic, the unjust killing of black people, political divisiveness, and the list can get longer. I was finally tired of being the only black person in the room even in companies with diversity initiatives and impressive rankings. Tired of going to conferences and not seeing many speakers who looked like me, but I know there is more of me. Tired of noticing the diversity slip away as you move up the corporate ladder. Tired of knowing educated, high performing professionals who feel like their voices are not heard. Tired of being passed over for promotions because I don’t “know” the right people. Tired of knowing that black women make 62cents for every $1 earned by a white male even though we are among the most educated demographic and fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. At this point, I decided my priority was no longer to get a seat at the table. Nah….now my priority is building the damn table. So what happened, and what am I doing?

It was out of the despair of being laid off from a company I loved, watching yet another Black man killed by police, and seeing my community ravaged by a pandemic that Connected Consultants, LLC was born. It was if the ancestors and Maya Angelou herself came down and whispered in my spirit,

“Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still, I'll rise.” - Maya Angelou

Connected Consultants, LLC is a collective of minority women with a combined 100+ years of professional experience in healthcare, academia, and business. We came together and agreed that we could leave a lasting imprint in communities, companies, learning institutions, and various other entities by offering the best in class, client-focused services. All the while, giving voice to people not often heard and helping organizations fill gaps in their business needs.

While this is exciting, there is a cherry on top. Connected Consultants Learning Platform is our game changer. Connected Consultants strongly believe that 1) everyone should be encouraged, motivated, and given the opportunity to learn, and 2) as a community we must share what we know (Each One Teach One). This learning platform provides an opportunity for more people to access and share learning content across various fields. Content is built and curated by a diverse group of professionals. Connected Consultants Learning Platform works in four main ways.

  1. Our internal team regularly releases engaging, interactive learning modules that address various topics and visually represent the world in which we live. The content is developed by experts within the field they represent.

  2. Collaborate up and coming with minority and women learning professionals to showcase their work.

  3. Provide cost-effective learning and development solutions to organizations that serve underserved communities.

  4. Lastly, provide a platform to increase visibility for our connection of diverse professionals by hosting webinars, instructor-led training, and e-learning.

For me, on the other side of sick and tired is action. I hope you will join us on our journey to ensure more stars have an opportunity to shine. Are you ready to act? Check out our website for more information. Want to learn register at Our out-box-training is available now during pre-launch. Content from our internal team launches 9/30/2020.

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