Bankable Books for Healthcare Consultants

This year we are kicking off a series called Bankable Books because the truth is our education and training for a role in healthcare did not prepare us to run a business. In an effort to right this wrong I am reading a minimum of 12 books that will help take you to the bank in your healthcare consulting career.

Let’s get started with “All Marketers Tell Stories”. This book is by Seth Godin who is considered a GOAT in the world of marketing. In essence, the book says that we are all marketers. Whether you are selling yourself for a promotion, selling a product for a business, or consulting on a healthcare project. And if we are all marketers then the best way to connect with our customers is through telling stories. The great thing is in healthcare we have some great stories. So this should be easy.

Ok, so now you have some nuggets to get started. This bankable book is going to help you craft a story that skyrockets your business. Need a little assistance? Click the button below to Book a Discovery call today.

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